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McLarens Lubricants Limited, known for its superior range of automotive, marine, industrial, aviation lubricants and chemical products, operates under the authorized distributorship of the largest publicly traded international oil and gas company, ExxonMobil.


McLarens Lubricants LTD(MLL), embarks the journey of expanding the lubricants product market locally by  serving the sectors of Marine…


For decades, McLarens Lubricants Limited has established a reputation for cutting-edge lubricants and in-depth industry expertise to help…


For energy generation industries, both traditional and renewable — including coal, gas turbine or diesel engines, nuclear, solar and wind…


McLarens Lubricants Limited markets the world’s leading synthetic engine oil brand, Mobil 1. The product is offered in a range of viscosities and…

Have you met Dr. M?

Over the years, there have been many misconceptions regarding lubrication, motor and machine. This has resulted in many people being uncertain of what the right lubrication for their vehicle or machinery should be and how the right lubrication can improve the efficiency of it in the long term.

It is with this in mind that McLarens Lubricants Limited gives you our resident Oil Specialist – Dr. M!

Dr. M’s a real wiz when it comes to advising and educating you on what oil you should be using,

across different sectors while being fluent on everything lubricant related. He is also the only source information for all motor and machine lubrication.

If you have any questions as to what the right oil you should be using is give us a call –

Hotline 077 777 2002
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