McLarens Lubricants Limited wins 1st runner-up at CMTA Ceylon Motor Traders’ Association Masterminds 2024

In a thrilling display of wit and knowledge, McLarens’ Team 1 showcased their quiz skills at the Ceylon Motor Traders’ Association (CMTA) Masterminds 2024, securing the 1st runner up position. The event held on the 14th of May at the Playtrix Pub in Colombo City Center saw teams from various companies battle it out in a battle of brains. 

The competition provided a platform for participants to demonstrate their expertise across a range of topics such as Geography. Arts and History, Entertainment, Motor Industry and Sports. McLarens Team 1 excelled by showcasing exceptional teamwork, strategic thinking, and quick reflexes as they navigated through rounds of thought-provoking questions. 

As the curtains drew on another successful iteration of the CMTA Masterminds, McLarens Lubricant’s impressive performance stood as a testament to their prowess and dedication to fostering a culture of knowledge and teamwork. 

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